Terrace Metrics for Schools

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Terrace Metrics was created in response to schools’ desire to understand the behavior health status of their students-but not having the tools to do so. Terrace Metrics contracts with school districts to administer a comprehensive behavioral health tool that quickly identifies and prioritizes students to receive services and supports. The tool assesses the strongest predictors of interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning, both of which are vital components of current and future academic success.These results are accompanied by empirically-based and easy to use curricula for improvement or intervention (where necessary). The process is efficient (requiring little of school resources) and financially sensible for school districts.

Since 2018, the system has been administered over a million times to students in public school districts and private/parochial/charter schools, ranging from 400,000+ students to schools having fewer than 30 students. Terrace Metrics is being used in schools located in large, urban cities (populations greater than 4 million) and the most remote, rural areas of the nation. The system is FERPA compliant and is customized to the needs of each school.

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