Change The Destiny Of Kids For The Better

A considerable number of studies show that many kids are at-risk – they are disengaged at school, stressed at home, susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse, and may even be a threat to themselves or others.  However, in many cases parents, or educators do not know who these kids are until damage is done – and even then, only a few know how to focus the limited resources they have to help them.

There is a pressing need to find, target, and intervene with these kids early on, to change the course of their lives…

Now there’s a tool that can do just that.

Terrace Metrics is a quick, comprehensive way to assess the behavior health status of students from grade 3 to 12

Our tests are unique in that they measure BOTH risk factors (depression, anxiety, victimization, ostracism) AND protective factors (resiliency, grit, hope).

Measuring both is critical – the presence of even one risk indicator reduces academic performance 20%, increases the chance of drop out, and drives poor outcomes, including early death.  But one protective factor can cut those risks by half.

Terrace Metrics assessment tool only takes 15-20min to complete and helps your school system locate where kids are on a validated resiliency/risk continuum, from At-Risk to Optimal.  You can then target resources  – bringing help to students that need it, and making sure Optimal students are supported so they can be high achievers.