Who we are

We are a group of passionate professionals whose purpose is to improve the behavioral health of individuals. Terrace Metrics was created by licensed psychologists, educators, and experts in behavioral health, social-emotional learning, and curriculum development. Our work covers k-12 and higher education students and educators, caregivers, and corporate environments.

Our engagements all bare the same belief: working together we can impact people’s lives for the better.

Why Terrace Metrics

Behavioral health plays a vital role in personal, academic, and professional success. Personal strengths are important behavioral health factors but can erode from ongoing stress and adversity. Unfortunately, most individuals are not fully aware of their behavioral health status, nor can they recognize when their personal strengths start to erode.
Terrace Metrics is founded on the principle that personal change comes from collective knowledge. Among adults, Terrace Metrics allows individuals to quickly measure, manage, and monitor their own behavioral health status. Using a highly confidential, highly secure online platform, they can compare their results against thousands of other individuals who have completed the same measures.
Terrace Metrics has been used throughout the US in a variety of educational and professional settings. Its fast, empirically-valid, and easy to use online tool assesses the strongest predictors of interpersonal and intrapersonal functioning. These results are accompanied by empirically-based and easy to use curricula for improvement or intervention (where necessary).


Rich has three passions: family, psychology and Terrace Metrics.

A proud family man Rich has spent more than 2 decades accumulating a wealth of knowledge on behavioral health. After receiving his PhD in psychology, for 20 years he worked as faculty member in a number of universities across the US. With over 100 peer reviewed papers his work has been formally recognized by the American Psychological Association and he has served as an international research fellow at Harvard Medical School.

Rich has seen firsthand how workers, students and teachers struggle with stress, pressure, long hours and how it takes its toll on their health; and ultimately negatively impacts the performance of the organization that they work for or the activities they are engaged in. Convinced that there has to be more effective way to assess and solve for these challenges, Terrace Metrics was born. The rest is history.

Rich Gilman