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In today’s workplace, anywhere between 30-60% of employees are experiencing high levels of distress. The effects of poor employee behavioral health impacts the bottom-line: Employees reporting poorer behavioral health are more likely to experience poor workplace relationships, have lower productivity, account for higher workplace healthcare expenditures, and report higher levels of burnout and workplace departures.

Employers struggle to find ways to quickly and accurately assess the behavioral health of their employees, and to provide resources to help those in need. Improving workplace behavioral health is of critical importance: For every $1 spent on resources to promote behavioral health, there is a $4 increase in employee productivity, lower absenteeism, higher employee retention, and higher workplace morale and task satisfaction

Terrace Metrics is the only service that assesses BOTH risk factors (depression, anxiety, victimization, drug/ alcohol dependency, trauma, ostracism) AND protective factors (resiliency, workplace support, grit, hope) that are customized to the needs of the workplace

Watch how Terrace Metrics is used in schools:

What We Offer

In just 15 minutes, employees complete a secure, private, and confidential assessment, customized to the needs of each department. Individualized results are generated immediately after administration and are only seen by the user. The online reports is interactive; users can immediately access a self-guided curricula, videos, and other intervention tools that can assist them in their efforts to improve their own behavioral health.

Users can take the assessment whenever and wherever they prefer, using any platform (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone). They can take it as many times as they would like to monitor and improve their own behavioral health.

More importantly, the system is monitored by trained mental health professionals. These professionals can quickly contact individuals self-identified as being in high distress, to ensure that they are connected to community resources. This contact is made through the user’s private email and is never shared with the employer.

The employer receives a comprehensive, aggregate report that details the overall behavioral health of employees.

Our Indicators

The indicators are chosen by the employer and can be customized to match the needs of specific departments. All indicators have strong norms and excellent psychometric properties (including reliability and construct validity). Finally, the indicators are the most robust predictors of workplace productivity and provide important insight into the collective workplace behavior health.

Here are the indicators:

Resiliency Indicators

Global Life Satisfaction: Overall assessment of feelings and attitudes about one’s life
Hope: Assesses goal-directed thinking and the motivation to work around barriers that hinder goal attainment
Leadership Skills: Specific leadership skills needed to influence others.
Personal Standards: Expectations of one’s own personal abilities.

Risk Indicators

Ostracism: Degree of perceived social isolation. The indicator examines two forms of ostracism: being ignored (i.e., the individual believes that others do not pay attention to them) or excluded (i.e., others acknowledge the individual but choose not to interact with them).
Anxiety: Assesses the degree and severity of anxiety symptoms.
Depression: Assesses the degree and severity of depression symptoms.
Self-Criticism: Degree to which one overly focuses on their perceived faults and blemishes.
Trauma: This brief screener assesses the degree of distress associated with a past trauma in the past 30 days.
Drug/Alcohol Screener: This screener assesses the degree of distress associated with alcohol/drug use in the past 30 days.

How the Process Works

The process is very easy and requires virtually no time for employers and employees. Here are the steps in the process:

1. The employee receives a link to their customized assessment

2. Once completed, the employee views their confidential results immediately, via a secure, online portal

3. The online report is interactive; the employee can click on any indicator and retrieve videos and print resources (including a self-guided curriculum)

4. Employees can take the assessment as often as they wish, allowing them to monitor their own behavioral health

Only the user has access to their information. The data is strictly confidential; employers are not aware of which employee completes the assessment and they never have access to identified data. The information is not public data and is never part of an employee’s personnel file.

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