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Employees health and happiness is directly linked to the success of students. Together with Terrace Metrics you can drive better outcomes for your entire workplace.

Boost the Resiliency of Your Employees

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I love theTerrace Metrics assessments. The indirect and confidential way they ask questions solicits an accurate picture of the specific issues our students are struggling with.”

Mindy Robertson

Director of Teaching and Learning, Deer Park Community City, School District

What is Terrace Metrics for Employees?

Terrace Metrics is an online assessment tool that helps assess and improve the behavioral health outcomes of employees

Our assessment tool uses clinically evidenced & validated indicators

Immediate reporting with full confidentiality – only the user can access their report

Self-guided curriculum and videos aligned to each indicator to support follow-on interventions

How it Works

Online Assessment

Employees can take a secure, private, and confidential assessment that is customized to the needs of their institution.

Results + Reporting

The online report is interactive, and employees can immediately access a self-guided curriculum, videos, and other intervention tools. These tools can help them to understand their behavioral health, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies for improving their mental health.

Personalized Support

1-to-1 follow-ups and targeted resources.

Employer Insights

A custom tailored curriculum designed for your specific needs.

Why Terrace Metrics?

Unlimited Use of the System for the Specific Term

Employees and administrators can use as often as desired; There are no hidden charges

Ongoing Consultation with Terrace Metrics

Self-Corrective action

Individual access to all empirically-based resources that are directly linked to their profile

Continuous ongoing monitoring

System tracking allow administrators to monitor collective behavior health of organization, particularly in response to targeted resources

Our Indicators

These indicators are the most robust predictors of workplace success and interpersonal functioning. The indicators can be customized to meet the specific needs of different departments.



Tenacity to achieve a goal; to not get distracted by the next s


Ability to develop multiple strategies when something is blocking a goal; motivation to pursue each until successful.


Specific skills needed to influence others in a positive way. Those with these skills intact are more self-confident and believe they can influence others.

Global Satisfaction

Higher levels of positive life outlook; measures an individual’s current view about themselves, their world, and their future.

Personal Standards

Higher expectations of one’s personal abilities.



Examines general anxiety symptoms (not specific to any one source)


Examines levels of depressive symptoms; also includes a self-harm ideation identification


Tendency to focus only on one’s perceived faults: difficulty accepting mistakes


Assesses levels of perceived isolation from others, measured by being ignored or actively excluded

Current Traumatic Stress

Stress associated with previous traumatic event (e.g., accident)

Drug/Alcohol Concerns

Distress associated with drug/alcohol use to the individual and/or loved ones (parents, guardians, etc.)

Relationship Discord

Stress associated with relationship difficulties