How We Connect Data to Action

Population-based classification system

After the student completes their assessment, our algorithm quickly and reliably aggregates the data and places individuals into 4 distinct categories:

May need

Minimal strengths, high distress.

Will require attention and support. Functioning likely to be affected even if not discernible.


Some strengths but poor functioning in key domains.

May require some attention. Likely some impact on life and school functioning.


Strengths across many domains with little distress.

Not likely to require specific attention. Functioning well but not necessarily excelling.


Strengths across all domains with no distress.

Minimal specific attention required. Capable of fully attending to academic goals.

How does Terrace Metrics Work?

The classification data is used to generate the following products:

Individual Data

Parent Report

School Report

District Report

Intervention Resources

Our Curriculum Fully Conforms to MTSS Framework

Terrace Metrics is the only company that ties results to all tiers of the MTSS framework.  Our Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III curricula improves targeted areas at the individual and group level.

Tier I Curriculum

This is a universal curriculum with only three lesson plans extended over 4-6 weeks.

Tier II Curriculum

Our short-term, group focused intervention consists of weekly assignments to improve a targeted indicator.

Tier III Curriculum

Our Tier III curriculum is a 1-on-1 intervention designed for school personnel who work individually with students struggling with adversity.