Linking Results to Interventions

Example of Year-to-Year Monitoring

The results of the survey can be supplemented by our empirically-based curriculum and suggestions, which conform to multi-level prevention and intervention models. The following is an actual example of our system in action…

Results Highlights

  • All categories showed an upwards improvement over a 6 month period

  • The survey and action plan was effective in all school levels

  • In all three age groups the average and optimal categories increased to >50% after just 6 months

  • The total number of ‘At-risk’ students decreased by an average of 39% across all age groups

  • Following our analysis for one of our clients, 53% of targeted students met their growth goal for Math Fall-to-Winter projected map growth.

  • 59% of targeted students met their growth goal for reading Fall-to-Winter projected MAP growth